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Consultancy Services

Get deep industry insights and consultancy to lead you into aligning your decisions with your investment perspective.

Asset Services

Access investment solutions that cut across major asset classes optimised to absorb market ebbs and flows and global dynamics.

Valuation & Advisory Services

Get advisory solutions geared towards maximising your returns. Snapshot services include valuation of tangible & intangible assets, partnership interests, feasibility studies and business sale or purchase.

Sales & Leasing

Get a strong handle on real estate sales and leasing. We have lead thousands of investors walk through the nitty gritty of sales & leasing. From seeking out the right buyers through maximising sales returns, we have your back every step of the way.

What We Do?

We Make Your Life Simple

Equity Planners is a powerhouse of Real Estate Consultants and experts in Noida who possess more than 15 years of experience, knowledge base, and market research of how the Realty market operates. 

With an ever-growing team of qualified, self-driven, and highly motivated individuals, it is only imperative for them to put their Clients and their Real Estate needs at the top of the pyramid and offer best-in-class solutions.

The Real Estate firm aims to become a one-stop shop for all asset investment opportunities there by providing expert advice on all products under its umbrella be it Residential, Commercial, Industrial,  Agricultural Land, Vacant plots, and the like.

Professional Real Estate

Professional Real Estate Consultation Firm.

The Equity Planners is one of the best real estate Consultants in Noida who will help you throughout the property’s buying and selling process. We work to settle everything in connection with an entrusted real estate. So we will help you get your home within the value range. We provide the best property presented in the market. And we maintain a seamless connection between our investors. We have 15+ years of experience and knowledge of the property. We aim to provide the best prices to take care of investors’ hard-earned capital. We are entrusted with significant responsibility to fulfill our clients’ requirements. Our main objective is to provide speculators with the chance to earn more than market-based yields in Real Estate Investments with generally manageable risks using a real-world approach. We want to deliver an enjoyable and comforting experience that will leave lasting impressions and a bond. The Equity Planners holds 15 years of experience in real estate consulting and investment services across the Noida region. We are recognized as the best real estate agent in Noida. Our primary objective is to provide speculators with an opportunity to achieve greater than market yields in Real Estate Investments. Our commitment to excellence is what we are most famous for. The Equity Planners provide the most satisfactory services for the most qualified people to find the best property in Noida. We have been able to provide our services with success, and we have been ranked among the most prestigious real estate listings in Noida. That makes us the Best Real Estate Consultants in Noida.

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End-to-End Delivery 01

'Concept to completion' philosophy resonates across our entire service spectrum. All you need is to state out your requirement and we will close that loop. We have you covered end to end every step of the way, from buy, sell, and lease through to finance, investment, and mortgage.

Inventory Scale 02

We define inventory as umbrella solutions that meet diverse demand-supply dynamics. You get a wide scale across commercial and residential solutions that allows that allows for the best call to be made.

Investment Facilitation 03

Equipped with advanced analytics edges us to not only ensure yield but also safeguard your investments. We honour absolute transparency as we project-manage your assets so your time and effort are more meaningful managed.

Last-Mile Delivery 01

No solution meets its intended goal until delivered right. Whether it's a piece of property or assets class or finance disbursement, we see you through untill you own the deliverable.


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