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Group 108 One FNG - Sector 142 Noida

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Group 108 One FNG - Sector 142 Noida

  • 11 Dec 2023

The One FNG Group 108 in Sectro 142 Noida. Find the most latest height of excellence located in Sector 142, Noida, on the FNG Expressway and the nearby Noida Expressway. The most latest commercial property development by Group 108 . Group 108 One FNG (Sector 142, Noida).

One FNG a beacon of innovation and business possibilities, stands out in the center of the popular Sector 142 Noida. The One FNG of Group 108 covers an amazing 14.46 acres. This commercial project includes low-rise retail blocks at G+1 in addition to two towering buildings with G+37 and G+15 stories.

This FNG & Noida Expressway commercial real estate project. created by Group 108 (through its group company SS Technopark Private Limited). Is poised to completely change the market for commercial property.


Group 108 One FNG, Sector 142, Noida: The Height of FNG & Noida Expressway Commercial Real Estate Expertise:

FNG One is the new-launch commercial real estate project by Group 108, formerly a member of Bhutani Infa / Bhutani Group, is called "One FNG" or FNG One. With its offices and shops planned to give outstanding work spaces with Grade A offices for world-class businesses and top companies, it aims to become a landmark location on the Noida Expressway. Its retail areas are designed to serve as a center for luxury retail.


Real estate experts and potential buyers alike are excited to see Group 108 idea for One FNG disclosed. This impressive addition to Noida skyline marks .the coming of a state-of-the-art living experience in addition to being a fascinating investment opportunity. One FNG offers a lifestyle that goes beyond your normal expectations. whether it's attracted to it by the promise of a vibrant community or the appeal of luxurious facilities. Come explore what makes this coming property unique in Sector 142 Noida's competitive market.


  • Address: Plot No. 1, Sector 142 Noida, Uttar Pradesh

  • Plot Area: 58535.75 Sq Meter (14.46 Acres)

  • Plot Type: IT/ITeS

  • Towers: 2 Towers (G+37, G+15)

  • Retail Block: Low-RIse Retail Blocks (G+1)

  • Company Name: SS Technopark Private Limited (Group 108)

  • Connectivity: Noida Expressway, Noida Metro – Sector 142

  • UP RERA Registration: UPRERAPRJ279516 (Visit

Office Spaces

Improve your company's operations at One FNG large and flexible office spaces. These carefully planned workspaces, which start at 1400 sq. ft. and grow upwards, are designed to satisfy with the evolving needs faced by modern organizations.

In case you're looking for high-end office space near Noida Expressway, Group 108 Project is the ideal option. With sizes ranging from 1400 sq ft and up, companies can customize their space to fit their particular requirements. This project promises outstanding facilities and a friendly green atmosphere, making it a productive oasis.

Retail Splendor

Explore limitless retail potential with private storefronts ranging from 1,000 Sq Ft to 5,000 Sq Ft. Located in a prime area, One FNG offers a unique platform for retail businesses to grow and display their goods.

Group 108 Shops is an appealing alternative for investors looking for profitable retail possibilities. Featuring two beautiful buildings with expansive floor plates, the project extends across fifteen expansive acres. A shortage of coworking facilities is what really sets it apart and makes it a dream location for multinational firms.

Investors in Group 108 can rest assured that their properties, with shops ranging from 800 to 1500 square feet, will have the opportunity for outstanding appreciation in as little as three to four years. This project is a demonstration of both business expertise and smart financial planning.

Popular Location, Strategic Benefit

Ideally situated on the Noida Expressway and next to the famous Advant Tower, One FNG offers unmatched access to important transportation hubs, making it an ideal spot for enterprises.

An impending commercial business by Group 108 will have a prime location on the FNG Expressway. Providing excellent visibility and accessibility for enterprises. Differentiating this project from others, it has two entrances and exits, which greatly improves accessibility and convenience.

Featuring two side-open entry and exit points at a walking distance from two metro stations, Group 108 Project changes convenience. Anybody looking for Retail Shops in Noida Expressway will find a veritable treasure trove of options on the ground and first levels of this bustling retail complex.

Group 108 Project is going to become a vital aspect of a vibrant and well-connected community. conveniently located not far from the Maha Maya Flyover (15 minutes), NH 24 (5 minutes), and the Akshardham Temple (25 minutes).


Why Choose One FNG by Group 108?

Strategic Location: Advant Tower and the Noida Expressway are next to the FNG Expressway.
Exclusive Offer: In Sector 142, Noida, there are only lockable retail and office spaces available.
Versatile spaces: 1,400 square feet and more for offices, and 1,000 to 5,000 square feet for retail stores.
Developer with Trustworthiness: Group 108 (SS Technopark Private Limited), a name that denotes quality.


Along the FNG and Noida Expressway, Group 108 at One FNG in Sector 142, Noida. Is the best in commercial real estate expertise. Modern facilities, a thorough grasp of the market, and a strategic position make it an unmatched opportunity for businesses to succeed. Group 108 has established itself as a leader in the industry by its commitment to quality and innovation. which offers a foundation for the growth and success of both domestic and foreign businesses.

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