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Find all about Noida real estate hotspot Sector 153 A prime location for investments?

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Find all about Noida real estate hotspot Sector 153 A prime location for investments?

  • 26 Jul 2023

Indian city of Noida (Uttar Pradesh), May 12 (ANI/NewsVoir): Noida, which is located close to the national capital Delhi and is renowned for its unpolluted green surroundings and great connectivity via an extensive network of motorways, flyovers, and metro rail, has emerged as a popular travel destination for everyone. Noida has drawn investors and end-users from all market segments, from luxury to mid-range to inexpensive, as a well-planned, integrated, and contemporary industrial and residential metropolis for nearly four decades.

The Industrial Area Development Act of 1976 led to the establishment of Noida, which is renowned for being one of the biggest industrial townships in Asia and boasts a well-planned infrastructure. While Noida has many areas that draw buyers of real estate, Sector 153 has grown significantly in popularity for a number of reasons. Sector 153 in Noida offers the much desired option of living close to both home and work, in addition to a number of other alluring advantages. It has emerged as a top destination for homebuyers looking to purchase their preferred residences.

What makes Sector 153 appealing for real estate?

The thriving residential and commercial projects in Noida's different industries are well-known. Sector 153, which lies on the Noida Expressway, the lifeblood of Noida and Greater Noida, is the most sought-after area, nonetheless. All necessary urban amenities, including electricity, water, sewer, transit, schools, hospitals, green spaces, gardens, business hubs, first-rate healthcare, banks, post offices, and community centers, are available in Sector 153. Sector 153 is set for rapid development as the Noida Authority works nonstop to build the essential infrastructure needed to support these services. Due to its advantageous location and well-established infrastructure, it has emerged as the top destination for real estate buyers trying to find their ideal properties.

Another factor contributing to Sector 153 in Noida's rise as a real estate hotspot is the abundance of expansive development plans that the government has just lately unveiled. Its central location between Noida, Greater Noida, and Yeida, as well as its proximity to Greater Noida's border, making it even more desirable. Urban development experts predict that Sector 153 is poised to become a significant investment opportunity due to the projects being undertaken by the Yamuna Express Industrial Development Authority (YEIDA), the Jewar International Airport, Film City, Multimodal Logistics Park, Medical Device Manufacturing, Ecological Investment Hub, and the presence of numerous multinational corporations.

Sector 153 boasts several world-class residential projects under construction, with many more proposed. Reputed real estate developers are constructing apartments and villas, taking advantage of the sector's good connectivity and prime location. The attractive investment options are drawing in investors, with many already seeing a boom in properties. Furthermore, several leading real estate developers are preparing to launch their projects in the sector in the coming months.

A Hub of Commercial Real Estate Development

Noida's integrated industrial township concept is brought to life in Sector 153, which boasts numerous industrial, residential, and commercial projects. This diverse array of establishments includes IT parks, hospitality venues, medical facilities, special economic zones, and commercial centres, creating a large-scale development that generates abundant employment opportunities.

Located adjacent to Sector 153 on the Noida Expressway, Sectors 150, 151, and 152 are rapidly developing areas that offer a mix of residential and commercial properties, as well as exceptional sports amenities, including golf, cricket, football, and more. These sectors are home to renowned builders who have established high-rise residential apartments, villas, commercial complexes, and amenities institute projects, with many projects already in possession status. Additionally, Sector 151 is experiencing a rapid surge in apartment and plot development.

The Excellent Connectivity of Sector 153

Smooth connectivity is vital for better living and business development, and Sector 153 has it covered. Situated on the Noida Expressway, an international roadway, Sector 153 provides direct connectivity to Delhi, offering access to all means of road transport. Additionally, the stalled Faridabad-Noida-Ghaziabad (FNG) project has resumed construction, providing a shorter way to reach Haryana. The multipurpose Eastern Peripheral is just a few kilometers away, and the upcoming Delhi-Banaras bullet train line will have a stoppage at nearby Sector 148. Sector 153 is also connected to the Sector 148 metro station on Noida's Metro Aqua Line Expressway.

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