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How to prevent being victims of real estate fraud?

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How to prevent being victims of real estate fraud?

  • 19 Jul 2023

Currently, there is a big demand and supply imbalance in most areas, which causes homes to rent out considerably more quickly. Due to the lack of housing, rents have been skyrocketing. At the video tour stage, many of leases are being signed by renters. That can be harmful even though it might be quick. 

The issue of fraudulent real estate deals, which prey on weaknesses to trick unwary tenants, is ongoing and ever-evolving. 

Here is a manual on how to protect your interest as a tenant by avoiding clickbait options and scammers. These guidelines are applicable whether you are looking for a home on the internet, in person, or through a broker.

Stay Wary of Unrealistic Deals

The real estate market is flooded with alluring offers. Even while it could be alluring to look for a deal, it's important to be cautious. Spend the time to carefully investigate your options and compare prices. You may confidently traverse the real estate landscape and avoid the trickery used by dishonest people by maintaining a discriminating approach.

Look up the neighborhood's typical rental cost to get an idea of what you're being given. Deals that seem too good to be true should be abandoned, especially if the opposing party is pushing for a quick closing while claiming that their property is in high demand. safer to be safe than sorry. 

Visit the Property in Person

We advise an in-person physical examination of the property before finalising or submitting token money, even if virtual property tours and immersive web listings are fantastic ways to shortlist houses. 

Prospective purchasers can verify the property's existence and quality by making extensive in-person inspections, ensuring that their online expectations match the actual world. This action will reduce the possibility of falling victim to scammers while empowering tenants to make informed decisions.

To confirm the accuracy of the information and the legitimacy of the property and owner, you should chat with the neighbours, watchmen, or society manager.

If you are moving to a faraway city and are unable to visit the property and meet the owner yourself, ask a friend, family member, coworker, or acquaintance to do so on your behalf.

Watch out for red flags

Exercise extreme vigilance and double-check everything if an owner is pressuring you to transfer the token money without a physical inspection under the pretence that he has many people pursuing his property. Do not allow anyone to abuse your time constraints. 

Solidify the Lease Agreement Before Transferring Funds

Before exchanging any money, make sure that a solid leasing agreement is in place. Watch out for postings that request upfront payments without the necessary legal documentation. Demand a lengthy lease or rental agreement that outlines the specifics of the arrangement. By outlining crucial information like rent, a security deposit, and the length of the agreement before any financial obligations are made, this agreement helps to safeguard both parties.

You need to do your own diligence even while trying offline mode or Brokers

One must use caution even when using offline channels. Do not just rely on the broker's word. You should make sure the person on the other end is sincere before sending anyone any token money. Don't send any money to the middleman; instead, put it directly into the account of the owner.


In the real estate sector, fraud prevention and investment protection necessitate a diversified strategy. Individuals may build their defences and confidently traverse the real estate market by physically inspecting houses, being cautious when communicating online, formalising leasing agreements, and being on the lookout for unrealistic deals.

By putting the suggestions in this article into practise, we can safeguard our interests, stop fraud, and create a trustworthy real estate market.

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