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  • 13 Jul 2023

What is a SOHO apartment unit?

1.    SOHO stands for Small Office, Home Office

2.    Perfect For Those Who Work From Home

3.    Convenient For Start-Up Companies

4.    SOHO Units in a Mixed-Use Property

Are you thinking of starting up your own company? For the first couple of years, expect to personally run your business with your most trusted colleague. While trying to get it up and running, consider investing in a small home office.

SOHO stands for Small Office, Home Office

SOHO means Small Office, Home Office. It is a term created by property developers to refer to businesses that make use of residential spaces for their business needs. These units come in different types that can accommodate businesses of all sizes. 

Perfect For Those Who Work From Home

SOHO units are also useful for those who do freelancing and work in industries that give you the option to work from home.

Think of what type of business you are trying to establish. Are you trying to create a graphic design company that does all of its communications through online means? Or are you trying to create a business that offers copywriting and other tasks that can be accomplished at home? These types of businesses are those that can best make use of SOHO units.

Convenient For Start-Up Companies

When starting a company, it is important that you start small. A SOHO unit could help you invest in both an office space while still having a place to rest. 

You must work from the bottom up in order to create a good foundation for its future development. More often than not, SOHO units are owned and operated by people who are self-employed. With this property, you can start with a two-person team and then evolve to have up to ten people under your management. 

SOHO Units in a Mixed-Use Property

Aspire by Filinvest’s Activa Flex is a mixed-use condo in Quezon City that offers three types of SOHO units. The first option that you can look at is a SOHO studio unit that spans up to about 24.02. The next choice that you have is a 1-bedroom SOHO unit that can be as much as 35.13 sqm. Your third and final choice is a 2-bedroom SOHO unit that spans up until 57.94 sqm.

Now you know how SOHO units can help you out in your business endeavors. Invest in these special properties with the help of a trusted property developer. Consider Aspire by Filinvest, a professional property developer with successful projects such as Vinia Residences and Studio A. 

Key Takeaway

A SOHO unit will give you easy access to both your workplace and residential needs. This small home office will give you the space that you need to conceptualize and establish your company’s goals. 

Once you experience success in your company, you could upgrade to a maximum 65.57 sqm regular office unit or even a compound office that spans up to 242.33 sqm. 

Learn more about investing in a condo in Quezon City with Aspire by Filinvest’s Activa Flex, Vinia Residences, and Studio A.

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