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Four-company partnership chosen by Swiss developer to create passenger terminal - Jewar airport?

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Four-company partnership chosen by Swiss developer to create passenger terminal - Jewar airport?

  • 03 Jul 2023

According to one of its top officials on Thursday, Swiss developer Zurich Airport International has chosen a four-company partnership to build the passenger terminal for the brand-new Noida airport in Jewar.

We had a design competition where three worldwide teams were requested to submit ideas on how to create this airport while accounting for efficiency, net zero emissions, a digital airport, and other key characteristics that we want to see," Yamuna International Airport Private Limited (YIAPL) Chairman and Managing Director Daniel Bircher spoke to PTI.

YIAPL was established to develop the Noida airport in Jewar and is a wholly owned subsidiary of Zurich Airport International. We have selected the team of four businesses from Norway, England, and India: Nordic, Grimshaw, Haptic, and STUP, Bircher stated.

He added that Grimshaw was involved in developing one of the terminals at Zurich airport almost 20 years ago. Members of this team also developed the Hyderabad airport and the new Istanbul airport.

They're already at their jobs. To enable us to hire our construction partner to build the airport, we need them to complete the key design work by next June or July, according to Bircher.

On October 7, representatives of the Uttar Pradesh government and Zurich Airport International signed a concession deal to start building the Noida airport, which is expected to cost $29.560 billion.

According to Bircher, the architect teams competing in the competition received six design criteria.

The first was clarity and simplicity, the second was context and local culture, the third was operational efficiency, the fourth was comfort and convenience, the fifth was close walking distances, and the sixth was flexibility and modularity, the speaker stated.

The Swiss developer had stated that after the first phase of development, the airport will be able to handle 12 million passengers per year when it won the competition to build and manage the Noida airport on November 29, 2019.

It gave the UP government the master plan for the first stage of construction last week.

According to Bircher, the business has also started conducting surveys regarding the Noida airport and communicating with users of social media.

According to him, the surveys will reveal to the business what the passengers anticipate when they approach the terminal, which services are crucial to them, and how they perceive certain aspects of agility.

Currently, Zurich Airport International owns a 100% stake in the Noida airport project, which is about 70 km from the heart of the Delhi region.

According to Bircher, the business is aiming to develop a very unique digital solution that can give travellers a frictionless and flawless journey through the airport.

We are also considering several contactless options. In line with the Digi Yatra requirements in India, we are paying particular attention to biometric solutions for contactless travel through the airport. For our customers, we're looking at a very specialised digital offering, he added.

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