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Noida International Airport will be operational by 2024 end?

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Noida International Airport will be operational by 2024 end?

  • 01 Jul 2023

The long-awaited Noida International Airport (NIA), which is being built in Jewar, Uttar Pradesh, would likely become India's first international hub and will significantly ease traffic at the Delhi airport. By the end of 2024, the greenfield airport is most likely to start running.The Chief Executive Officer of NIA, Christoph Schnellmann, was interviewed by The Sunday Guardian on the status of NIA's construction and what the new airport will mean for all of us. 

What advanced or modern technologies are being installed in this new airport, both for passenger experience as well as airlines experience?

In terms of customer service, effectiveness, digital services, and logistics eco-system with lowest environmental impact, Noida International Airport will be India's top airport. Modern, tested technology will be used by NIA to support passengers' frictionless and seamless travel.

Easy wayfinding, optimal dwell time, and a seamless travel experience will be NIA differentiators. In accordance with the DigiYatra Policy of the Indian Ministry of Civil Aviation, this will be supported by integrated systems and services that make use of technologies like indoor navigation, passenger flow management, self-service mobile check-in and baggage drop, as well as digital processing at all checkpoints.

The digital airport will provide a “Plug & Play” environment for airlines with the objective to maximize passenger experience, minimize cost for the airline, and provide overall cost and operational efficiency. We will also implement the full potential of digital possibilities to create insights, build data-based products, and enable data-driven decision-making which will benefit the passengers as well as the airline partners.

What aspects of sustainability and environmental friendliness are being undertaken for the construction of this airport?

From the beginning, sustainability was a key factor in airport design. In actuality, environmental impact and sustainability were two of the main factors we used to choose the planning and design teams for the airport. NIA will be a brand-new airport with a bold zero-emission guiding principle. The planning, building, operation, and future development of the airport shall be done with the least amount of environmental impact possible. To achieve this goal, it is also planned to implement technologies and procedures including waste and waste-water management, zero-emission fuels and power, and environmental management systems.

Passive techniques such using natural lighting, ventilation, and glare protection in the terminal will enhance the passenger experience while lowering energy use and CO2 emissions.

Is NIA looking towards having a huge chunk of traffic shift from the Delhi Airport? What are your expectations from the new airport?

In recent years, air traffic in India has increased at an unprecedented rate. According to IATA's predictions, India's aviation sector will expand at a CAGR of 5.8% during the following 20 years. According to the analysis, there will be 430 million more air passenger travels to, from, and within India in 2040 than there were in 2019. We are also thrilled by the aircraft purchases made by Indian carriers, which is yet another sign that India's aviation traffic will increase more quickly. We are constructing additional airport infrastructure for the NCR region in line with this aviation industry's growth story in India.

What are the challenges you have faced so far and how have you been able to overcome those?

The unprecedented advent of the Covid-19 when we were just getting started was the largest hurdle that we all faced as an industry. Despite this, we learned a lot during this time. For me, two lessons stand out for dealing with any challenge of this nature: first, the significance of having backup plans in place and anticipating potential crisis situations and our responses; second, the significance of open and consistent communication with all stakeholders. 

Both the federal government and the government of Uttar Pradesh have been quite helpful throughout, and we anticipate a smooth road ahead as we forward with the airport's construction.

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