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What makes Noida the ideal real estate investment?

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What makes Noida the ideal real estate investment?

  • 29 Jun 2023

Since our post-pandemic lifestyles have begun to calm down, leading developers who have established a reputation for producing high-caliber housing projects on schedule have seen a sharp increase in real estate investment. Even though real estate investing has historically been profitable, the years of inaction during COVID-19 have heightened the desire to do so once more.

The city of Noida is one location that real estate investors all agree is favoured despite the increased demand for flats for sale in Delhi NCR. Due to Noida's strong market demand, significant strategic location, and expanding infrastructure, investing in a real estate company there has been quite rewarding. Early signs suggest that Noida's residential market would continue to grow strongly through 2022, with sales likely to surpass those of 2019. Due to their better yields at a relatively lower risk and volatility, real estate properties are in greater demand in the city.

There are a few things to think about when investing in residential real estate if you want to get the most return on your money. Demand for real estate, infrastructure development, property valuation, location significance, etc. are some of the elements that greatly influence the success of your investment. To the joy of investors, Noida satisfies all these requirements for real estate investment to prosper. The following are some more significant aspects that, in addition to these, make Noida the perfect place for real estate investment.

Rising Market Demand

The quantity of real estate investment that a region attracts is mostly influenced by local demand. According to a poll by India Reports, the demand for residential units in Noida has increased during the previous four to five years. There have been some noteworthy project debuts in the city recently that have generated significant sales, giving credibility to the stories of Noida's rising real estate demand.

Aiding Governance Policies

The Uttar Pradesh government's development initiatives, which have led to a significant influx of real estate investors in Noida, are a significant component in the city's thriving real estate market. Noida has been successful in attracting a number of MNCs and corporate centres with its strategies for infrastructural development along the Yamuna Motorway. Additionally, the desire for real estate investment along the Noida Motorway has increased due to the proposed Jewar airport.

Affordable Property Price

The availability of homes at a relatively lower valuation has contributed to Noida's enormous popularity among real estate investors. According to research conducted by prominent real estate brokers, Noida still has a wealth of luxury real estate properties at competitive costs when compared to the nearby cities of Delhi and Gurgaon. The Hawelia Group's managing director, Nikhil Hawelia, stated:

"The city is still more cheap in compared to more developed marketplaces like Gurgaon. It is anticipated that the Noida market will perform better and increase in value over time given that the government authorities are addressing various regulatory obstacles."

Higher Property Appreciation Rate

Noida is a city where property values are increasing quickly relative to other real estate markets in India. This guarantees larger future returns for real estate investors. Even though Noida's real estate prices are currently somewhat lower, they will undoubtedly increase in the near future.

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