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Indian commercial real estate to witness steep growth in the coming decade?

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Indian commercial real estate to witness steep growth in the coming decade?

  • 27 May 2023

The rapidly expanding economy of India has increased demand for commercial real estate, which includes, among other things, office, retail, and co-working spaces. Although the demand for all of these divisions has already increased as a result of expanding urbanisation, domestic and international business growth is also a major factor driving the growth of the commercial real estate industry.

The country's commercial real estate industry is anticipated to reach a market value of $90 billion by 2030, according to market forecasts. It is expanding at an 8% compound annual growth rate (CAGR). Positive government initiatives like Make in India, the Smart Cities Mission, and Digital India, among others, have helped the country achieve such laudable progress. One of the top priorities for the government is to make it easier for people to do business reasons why more and more foreign investors have queued up to enter the Indian commercial real estate market.

In order to take advantage of the strong returns, investors have been diversifying their portfolios, and the amount of money invested by international institutional investors has also dramatically expanded. As a result, during the past several years, the nation has seen the growth of projects of the highest calibre.

Along with the big cities, tier-II and tier-III cities are increasingly serving as the centres for the construction of commercial real estate. New commercial developments are being constructed in each of these areas, encouraged by the tremendous demand. Additionally, the growth of the IT and services industries has increased demand for efficient warehouses and logistical facilities. Co-working spaces and increasing numbers of businesses are growing their offices, which is helping this industry expand quickly.

Despite a number of challenges, the commercial real estate industry in India has held up well. The sector, which is seeing strong expansion, presents appealing potential for both domestic and foreign investors. The commercial real estate industry, which has shown strong growth despite a number of challenges, is well-positioned to take the lead in future growth. Over the following ten years, it is anticipated to offer substantial profits and noteworthy development.

Meanwhile, Bhutani Group has been contributing immensely to fulfill the new age demand for commercial real estate. It has to its credit a series of landmark developments in Noida which include Cyberthum, Alphathum, City Center 150, Bhutani Technopark, Cyber Park, city center GZB, Avenue 62 to name just a few among many others. Bhutani Group is known for its diverse project portfolio that scores high on location, design, quality and world-class amenities. 

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