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Delhi or Mumbai which city is better for real estate investment?

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Delhi or Mumbai which city is better for real estate investment?

  • 15 May 2023

The economic and political hubs of India are the metropolises of Mumbai and Delhi, but they don't share much else. As dissimilar as the cities themselves, the NCR (National Capital Region) and Mumbai Metropolitan Region (MMR) have a number of variances in their real estate characteristics.

Mumbai continues to be the most expensive city in India for real estate despite having a solid economy and reduced crime and pollution indicators. Delhi has more acreage available for future growth and superior infrastructure. The liveability quotients of NCR and MMR must be compared and contrasted using a variety of metrics.

Mumbai versus Delhi: economic activity

Mumbai serves as the nation's financial centre, an industrial powerhouse, and the home of Bollywood, probably India's most important film industry. Mumbai has a number of significant economic drivers, including the banking and financial sector, the gem and jewellery industry, the car and IT-ITeS industries.

Mumbai is the 12th wealthiest city in the world, with a total private worth of $950 billion, according to a 2018 analysis by New World Health. On the other side, corporations, government, agriculture, and processed goods, as well as real estate and IT-ITeS, dominate the economy of NCR. According to the Economic Survey Report, Delhi's economy expanded by 8.61% in 2018–19 and is projected to reach a GSDP of Rs7.79 lakh billion.

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