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Greater Noida launches industrial plot scheme

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Greater Noida launches industrial plot scheme

  • 14 May 2023

For people wishing to buy industrial property to start a company in the city, the Greater Noida government launched an industrial plot plan on Thursday. The administration anticipates making 502 crore from the sale of these 40 industrial sites, according to officials with knowledge of the situation.

Officials claim that anybody interested in buying an industrial plot may register and acquire a user password on the authority's website at in order to read the brochure. According to the authorities, applications for the programme will be accepted up to 5 p.m. on April 30. The deadlines for registration and payment are April 26 and April 28, respectively.

Ritu Maheshwari, the chief executive officer of the Greater Noida authority, has ordered all departments to work on plans to draw business and generate employment in the area. Maheshwari has also requested that officials help those investors who have showed an interest in investing in the city by submitting bids. Investors looking to buy land and start enterprises in Greater Noida are being contacted by the industrial department.

"In response to the initiative to let investors buy the plot of their choosing and start a business in the city, we've introduced the industrial plot programme. According to Medha Roopam, the assistant chief executive officer of the Greater Noida authority, "We expect to grant at least 300,000 square metres of industrial property under this scheme.

These 40 plots are distributed throughout the sectors Ecotech 1, 16, Ecotech 1, Ecotech 11, Ecotech 6, Ecotech 2, and Ecotech 3. The land sizes, according to the authorities, range from 1,350 square metres to 101,000 square metres.

And if we are successful in selling every plot, we will be able to draw in an investment of around $1 billion for all industrial units, which would result in the creation of at least 10,000 employment in this area, says Roopam.

The Greater Noida government, according to authorities, has set a goal of bringing in 40,000 crore in investment this year and preparing industrial proposals from investors to start putting up units just this year.

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