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Entertainment at Gulshan One29

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Entertainment at Gulshan One29

  • 23 May 2024



Established in 2012, SMAAASH stands as a distinguished gaming and entertainment hub in India, blending sports, virtual reality, music, and dining to create an immersive, sophisticated, interactive, and innovative social environment catering to families, friends, and children alike. Spearheaded by the imaginative mind of Shripal Morakhia, SMAAASH has garnered recognition for its expertise in sports simulation technology and proprietary gamification innovations, such as a distinctive twilight bowling zone, motor racing and bike racing simulators, and go-karting tracks. As a leading virtual reality-driven entertainment destination, credited largely to its in-house research and production capabilities.
SMAAASH employs head-mounted displays to offer games like Walk the Plank, Finger Coaster, and Cockpit 360. With a presence in 32 centers spanning 16 cities, SMAAASH has expanded its reach globally, notably with its launch in the Mall of America. Through pioneering entertainment concepts and unique dining experiences, SMAAASH redefines sports entertainment and customer interaction, catering to individuals of all ages and making it an ideal destination for people of every generation.


MovieMax Cinemas, a division of the Kanakia Group, is a rapidly expanding chain of theaters operated by Cineline India Limited. Our cinemas showcase films in various Indian languages as well as Hollywood and international cinema to cater to the diverse preferences of our audience.

The brand name "MovieMax" encapsulates our commitment to providing patrons with an optimal viewing experience, blending comfort with cutting-edge technology. Our goal is to offer customers a comprehensive experience, emphasizing comfort and quality service.

Our dedicated staff takes pride in serving our moviegoing community. Upholding our customer-centric philosophy, we prioritize spacious auditoriums with plush seating and convenient locations. Additionally, we provide a delectable array of food and beverages, including specialty drinks and freshly popped popcorn at all our concessions.

Looking ahead, we are focused on expanding our footprint to bring MovieMax cinemas closer to you, ensuring convenient access to our enhanced moviegoing experience.

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