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A new real estate investment zone in Noida and NCR?

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A new real estate investment zone in Noida and NCR?

  • 07 Aug 2023

The Noida Authority's recent announcement to build New Noida created quite a bit of excitement in the NCR real estate community. The development of New Noida is based on highly long-term planning. For its goals, it takes a long-term view regarding the region's growth. Noida, projected to achieve its full potential in the next decade, needed to expand its boundaries and bring in new areas that would fit the needs of its residents.

The planned area for New Noida is 20,000 hectares. According to preliminary evidence, a substantial portion of the city has been set away for industrial purposes. We anticipate that lessons learned from before innovations such as Noida and Greater Noida, are going to be taken into consideration in the planning for New Noida.  It will be a world-class location with a lot of possibilities for both residential and commercial properties. According to industry experts, the settlement of New Noida will begin in 2041...

New Noida Authority

The smart city that is planned for New Noida. The Geographical Information System (GIS) based on aircraft has been reported to have contributed a key part in creating the Noida Master Plan 2041. GIS would allow Real Estate investors to learn more about the zone and sector plots in  Noida. Developers and Real Estate investors will be able to find out the commercial and residential plot, the size, distance from the road, length, connectivity of the water and sewer connections around the property, the position of the park, and the green belt with geospatial technologies... 

The development of Noida, which coordinated with the Yamuna Expressway's construction along with Greater Noida and  Gurugram, was a brilliant move by the Noida Authority and the Uttar Pradesh government. Few other developments have the benefit of doing so because of its proximity to the upcoming Jewar International Airport and the reality that it was constructed from scratch. new Noida defines where real estate is coming from.

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