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New Circle Rates Has Everything You Need To Know About Noida?

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New Circle Rates Has Everything You Need To Know About Noida?

  • 08 May 2023

The land allocation costs for residential, collective, and industrial plots are increased by 6–10% by the Noida Authority.

April 2023: The land allocation rates for residential, group dwelling, and industrial plots have been increased by 6% to 10%. The land rates for the flats the Noida government created and the commercial properties it leased, on the other hand, have remained the same. 

This is the second time in the last eight months that the land rates have been changed. In August 2022, the rates for land allocation will increase by 20–30%. However, before August 2022, there was no change in allotment rates because of the Coronavirus pandemic.

The adjustment resulted in a maximum 10% increase for residential plots in the E category. Such plots can be found in all sectors other than commercial, including sectors 102, 115, 158, 162, and 164. The A, B, C, and D sectors had an increase in plots of 6%. On the other hand, the costs for plots in the A+ category stayed the same. Additionally, the decision raised the allotment rates for institutional, industrial, IT/ITES, and group housing sites by 6%.

Factors Influencing Noida Circle Rates

Many things influence circle rates. Some of the factors influencing circle rates in Noida are as follows:

Type Of Property

Different circle rates apply to the same-area apartments, flats, standalone homes, and plots. The government levies higher fees for commercial complexes compared to residential complexes. The government has approved a 2% tax break per level for high-rise residences. This alleviation is just 20% of the minimum value and is only available for buildings with four floors or more.

Property Usage

Properties used for residential purposes frequently have a lower circle rate in Noida than those used for commercial purposes. The usage of a property affects its circle rate in Noida.

Property Location

In Noida, a property's location has a significant impact on its circle rate. In Noida, properties located in upmarket regions tend to have higher circle rates than those situated in areas with subpar amenities. 

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